About Poland Historical Society

The Poland Township Historical Society was originally incorporated and organized not for profit on March 26, 1980 according to the Ohio State Articles of Incorporation.

On June 9, 1986 an Amendment of Articles of Incorporation adopted changes presented by Betty Jones, President and Connie Coloutes, Secretary of the Historical Society.

On January 29, 2020 an Amendment of Articles of Incorporation adopted a business name change requested by Regina Rees, Vice-President of Poland Historical Society. This change was to remove the word Township to reflect the Society’s mission to preserve the history of both Poland Village and Poland Township.

Following is the mission statement of the corporation as amended:

The corporation is organized exclusively for educational and charitable purposes, including, but not limited to, the following:

    1. To promote the historical heritage of Poland.

    2. To preserve, restore or cause to be preserved and/or restored, the historical landmarks of Poland.

    3. To educate, foster and promote an interest in the history of Poland.

    4. To maintain "The Little Red Schoolhouse" located at 4515 Center Rd. (St. Rt. 224).

    5. To do all things necessary and proper to further the above stated purposes.

A lease agreement between the Historical Society and the Poland School Board was arranged for $1.00 per year for a period of 99 years, and thus The Little Red Schoolhouse became home to the newly formed Poland Historical Society.

As the Poland Historical Society, we are dedicated to procuring and displaying artifacts related to Poland’s place in history as Town 1, Range 1 in the Connecticut Western Reserve. The early settlers in the Poland, Lowellville and Struthers area left behind interesting stories about their lives in the early 1800’s. With the help of their descendants, much of their history and artifacts have been preserved and are displayed at the Little Red Schoolhouse.

Over the years, the Society has offered numerous lectures and educational programs concerning a variety of local history and interest. The Society continues to maintain the restored building and displays many family histories, pictures and artifacts.

We look forward to expanding our role as a valued educational resource for the Poland Community. The Society relies on its members and the community for financial help as well as volunteers to maintain the Schoolhouse.

2024 Officers

Laurie Fox, President
Larry Bartos, Vice President
Julie Brennan, Treasurer
Melanie Noble, Secretary 

2024 Trustees

Larry Baughman
Dick Dale
Carla Davanzo
Linda DeLost
Debbie Gilbert
Barb Leali
Joe Majzik
Frank Mazzarino
Regina Rees
Bob Shipsky
Dave Smith